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       under my nose

Wrote this after some beautiful walks in summer and realising the beauty of God's creation on my doorstep

Don’t need to look too far for recreative  artistry

regenerative therapy

A feast for my senses right here in front of me

A blessing on my doorstep

An outburst of variety,

An uprising of thankfulness for this my dwelling place –


Happy school , children at play

Friendly pub , community ,

Farms, cottages , family

Hedges, trees, fields, silage, bales of hay


Fresh mown grass drying in the hot sun

Here I met the one

Forever and a day to be

My love –


She in her garden

Praying , spraying ,

Watering , weeding

Pricking out seedlings


Busy and bustling

Watching and waiting

Harvesting ….



Moles and voles and rabbit holes

Rats and cats and barking dogs

Piglets, hedge-hoglets and froglets


A pond with geese , ducks , moorhens too

Numbers dwindling as the fox runs through

Farm track with peewits , busy black and blue tits

Plover, lapwing , suddenly rising, swooping from their

ground- nests to the sky, as I walk by


Chiff -chaff chuffing

Robust robin ,

Seagulls calling :: mine mine mine


Restless swallows, erratically diving, darting, weaving,

Constantly busy

Home for a season

Then gone


Blue and white heaven encircling me ,

A picture postcard sky

Cows grazing

Horses frisking , playing dead

I wonder why?

Sheep calling

Pennine hills surrounding

Running brook bubbling


Quiet valley, gentle breeze,

I run my hands through long grass

As I walk along the path

Between two fields


To you for whom He is the ‘Unknown God”

He is all around

In colour, light  and sound

He’s like the air we breathe

So close sometimes we do not see

His handiwork


As under my nose a soft wind blows

under my nose
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