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too big
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God is just 'too big' for our limited understanding.. He cannot be 'contained' within our meagre imaginations.. and will 'break free' from the tombs in which we try to hold Him 

out of the mouths

Today the teacher told the class

That they were going to draw

People from their family


Their sister their brother

Their father their mother

Their carer their guardian

Or significant other


She pointed out the materials

For completing this task called ‘art’

And handed out the paper

At which point they could start


Lucy at the young age of four

Just stared at the empty sheet

For five minutes or more

Fidgeting and chewing her bottom lip

Plucking up courage to go to Miss


She walked to the teacher and said

Eventually after what seemed like an age

“I’m sorry Miss I can’t draw my dad

He’s just too big for this page “

background drawing by Toby Nuttall aged 10

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