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the three in one 

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Father comes to me 

The Bible tells us that when God asked Satan what he had been doing , he said that he had been wandering the earth… for he is a vagabond , a wanderer , restless… 

This writing below speaks of a very powerful and real vision I had a few years ago whilst with some friends as we prayed … in which Father Son and Holy Spirit appeared before me and ushered me , beckoned me to join their circle of embrace, the circle of their love , and when I did it spoke so strongly of coming HOME, and that wherever I was or in whatever circumstance , that I was HOME, and that if I would dwell here , abide here and rest here , the restless searching and wandering was done ….! Praise Him

The Three-In-One stood in

Threefold embrace

Father Son and Holy Spirit

But with a space just made for me


And as they stood they beckoned me

To come and take my place

The one prepared for me

Since time began

To join in their embrace

To become one with them

To complete the circle of their unity

To enter in the harmony

Of their being


It was an irresistible invitation

A cosmic communication

A heavenly visitation

Yet one that

Radiated homeliness and warmth

Ushered gently , kindly , graciously


They did not speak or need to

For simply their being said it all

The welcome of their smiles

The laughter of their radiant joy

The encircling beam of  shining love

In a thick covering

Of gentle wooing

Of stillness

And of peace


As if this was a time that they had waited for

And now it pleased them that I should come


It simply yet profoundly reached my heart

with an inspired sense of

Deep belonging

Pure acceptance

Welcome home

Of simply being



And there in the circle of their embrace

I saw them face to face

In close, enclosed proximity

A gift just for me


I heard a call from deep inside

That said this was a place

Where I could dwell

Where I could hide

Where I could rest and cast my care ,

Where I could stay,

In which I could abide

And that this place was



And that wherever I should go then they would come

Wherever they should move that I could go

That I was indeed



John nuttall March 2018

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