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the day mum died

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On the day mum died , my Father God met  with me in a most beautiful way 

Away north of the border

Stirling stuff

Feels good to get away

So next day

Up at six

Setting off


Up the mountain


Follow the stream

Stop at the bridge

Welcome rest

Got my bible

Read me a psalm

Open at number 91


Speak it out then 


Those who dwell in the shelter of the Most High

They will rest in the shadow of your wings

I will say of my God

You are my rock 

You are my strength 

You are my refuge

You are my fortress

In You I trust


Good stuff


Close book

Set off again

Up the hill

Follow the brook


Wind gets up

Near the top

Guess what ?

Over the brow

A fortress

Hidden from view


Well now!


Wind gets stronger

Lean against the castle walls

Start thinking 

My mind starts to wonder


You come in here from the storm

Sheltered now from harm

Protected all around

You stand on solid ground

Rest for body, spirit, mind and soul


Made whole

Finding strength in family

Beautiful welcoming community

Food, warmth, healing 



Grace love and fellowship



Recreating  you

And a whole lot more


Worth The journey

Thank you Lord


Anyhow it’s 7am now

Good use of the hour

Breakfast beckons

Spring in my step

Down the hill 

Follow the brook

Past the bridge

Into the village

Knock on the door


Oh   ……..       hi ……..              John

Just  ……..            had a call

So …        sorry

It’s your mum...


I stand there stunned


So glad 

That in the days and hours to come

God is my    

f o r t r e s s 


john nuttall May 2018 

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