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Several years ago I was in Prague staying with a friend who lives there.. He invited me for a trip out to a place called Terezin . It is a walled town, and was used for imprisonment in both World Wars .. the Nazis used it in the 2nd War to house Jews, dissidents and Resistance fighters.. Many died of sickness and disease in the terrible and overcrowded situations, many were shot or killed , and thousands took the journey from here to the Extermination sites..

I went to the Museum , a simple place that deeply affected me, with it’s children art  and photograhs and accounts of the horrors that took place here and in other places …  A remarkable matter is that the Jews being held here established their own council to make representations and deal with matters of concern , but also many of the very gifted captives used their talent in artistically creative ways 


O Terezin

You place of sin

Of death and degradation

Holding place

For terror camps

For Jewish execution

“ The Final Solution

Of the Jewish Question”

Young and old

Side by side

Unaware of genocide

Children leapfrog



Into fratricide

O Terezin

Fortress camp

Served as Jewish ghetto



For mass extermination

Demonic torment

Brutal treatment

Dignity repressed

O Terezin

Your famine

Your death

Disease and excrement

The torture

And the nakedness


Screams and cries

Squeezed like cattle

Sent to die

‘Sie wurden in den Transport eingereicht…’

Began the note

To those whose plight

Would be a one-way

Train to Auswitz


O Terezin

You living Hell

Your Machiavellian posturing

The charade the lies

The twisting of the knife

To cover the Evil of your ways



You could not


The spirit of your captives

Who snubbed their noses

At your evil and depravity

And broke out into song and dance..

As their last chance at freedom

And of life ….

With poignant levity

The people made their puppet shows

Their vaudeville

Their operas

Their concerts and their pantomimes

While poets uttered rhymes …

Most touchingly the children drew

Their chilling record

Of your crimes

Their gifted plays

Their satire of your ways


And in the end 

The Final Solution

Had its own


O Terezin 

You could not win              


john nuttall May 2018

the covering

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I had ministered on the South Coast of England amongst people I consider good friends having

been a few times now …

At the end of the day  some special ones came and blessed me in a way I will never forget .

I still have the warm purple blanket and sometimes place it over my shoulders ‘in remembrance’ of the act of love and how I felt .

For me they represented my Father, and I have mediatated a lot on how He is a God who covers us .. eg in the way the father covered his returning son with his special robe !

It had been a good day

The people came with open hearts

Ready to believe

They made the pilgrimage

They took the step

They wanted to receive.


So Father came

No need for us to send

a ‘reponds s’il vous plaits ‘

He loves to come 

And drink with us 

When hearts and doors are open

If we will join him on the way


And having ministered throughout the time 

As meeting came to close

I felt that happy warmth inside

That I had been the honoured host

That carried and displayed God’s love before the people 

So they could worship him


But also I was tired  - a good tired


And in that place of contentment and  peace 

That moment of blessing  and rest

Four sisters came 

Like those who ministered to the Lord

Four special ones to stand with me

With smiles of joy and thankfulness, and fellowship, and sparkles in their eyes


‘This blanket is for you , ‘ 

They said 

In all humility

They wrapped it round my shoulders

The act so full of grace and beauty

And then they prayed


And in the covering  I felt

The heavy, weighty gentle presence of the Lord

And it became for me within that moment

A Sacrament of love

A covering

A warm embrace

A blessing from above

A symbol of His thankfulness 

A gift 

Of beautiful simplicity

And honouring

An act of love poured out on me 

Became a door 

Into the higher realm of eternity


A picture speaks 1000 words

An action thousands more

That simple act of kindness

That joyful act of love 

Will stay with me forevermore




John nuttall 2018