the scar


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God the Father is Comforter

 Jesus is the Comforter

    He sends another Comforter.

the Holy Spirit

Like the need to eat, drink, or breathe

I believe we have an inbuilt need for comfort.  

God the Father is described as a Comforter....

Jesus describes himself as a Comforter and lived His life comforting 

And  Jesus promises to send another Comforter.. The Holy Spirit

Pretty important aspect of God then !!

Everyone is looking for comfort

Increasingly in a godless UK , I suspect people are trying to find comfort in all the wrong things…. Although Costa coffee is pretty good 


On my bike   ..​​Riding home..  ​​Going fast


Soon be there​..​ Between the fields.. ​  On the path


Barbed fence​..​  Flashing by..​​  As I speed


Tour de France..​  Watch me now..​  In the lead


Huge rock..  ​​In the way..​​  Suddenly


Swerving now..​  Left and right..​  Unsteadily


S l o w  - m o..​​..  O v e r   I   g o ... ​ Onto barbed – wire fence


Cutting, tearing..​  Through my clothes..​  Ripping flesh


Blood stains..​​  Now appearing..​  On my shirt


But I’m young​..​  And I’m tough..​  Doesn’t hurt


Hurry now ..​​  Steadily..​​  Make it home


Drop my bike​..​  Open door..​​  See my mum


Floods of tears..​  Pour from me..​  In her embrace


Wounds bathed..​  Stinging stuff​..​  Gauze in place


​​​               Sorted


Fifty five years..​  From that day..​​  Further on


Scar remains..​​  Reminding me..​​  But pain has gone


Remember now..​  The comforting..​​ The kind and soothing care


And for me..​​  Security..​​​  That mum was there


​​​         How awful


For the people..​  Who go through..​ ​  This life alone


Who all their lives..​  Are searching for ..​ ​ The comfort zone


Who have to grow up..​  Big and strong..​  And face it by themselves


Must be hard..  ​​Must be tough..​  A kind of living Hell


‘ Big boys don’t cry’..​   Is just another evil lie..​  Coming from the liar


I’m so glad..​​  My Father God is called..​  The Comforter


That I know Him..​  And He loves me..​​  Forever and a day


And with the comfort ..​  That I get .. ​  I have enough to 


​​​            Give away 


John nuttall May 2018