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 sad  now

God the Father of all comfort

  We are programmed by God to need comfort


One night my wife was settling

Our youngest grandson into bed

He played the game of stalling

Before he’d lay his head

She’d read the story over

To pleas of ‘One more time’

And saying prayers

He realised

This was the end of the line

He needed to think quickly

And conjure something up

For one last chance of contact

A bit more staying up


‘ G r a n d m a ‘ he said in a drawn out questioning way

‘W h a t   if  I ‘ m   s a d    in the night ?’

‘That’s easy ‘ Grandma said

‘ You know where we are

down the corridor on the right

Come for a snuggle In our bed ‘


‘OK grandma ‘ he replied, the brain cogs turning

And she could see the pursed up lips

And furrow in his brow

With a little smile upon his face

He looked to her and said these words:

‘ I think I’m sad NOW ‘



john nuttall March 2018

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