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Olinka and the Butterfly 

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Olinka landed


She came to me across the hall

A young Czech girl not very old

She walked with me

Then placed her hand in mine

We swung our arms as in a dance

And skipped along

Before I made a sign

That we perchance

Could join the crowds 

And go outside


Once there we threw a ball for fun

With little conversation

Just laughs and smiles

And simple introduction

“  My name’s Olinka “ ...

“ Hello, I’m John “


I found out later 

She was so in need of kindness

Friendship, love

Her father a bully, a heavy – handed,

Joyless man

With iron glove

A product of his childhood

Olinka’s gift


Sometime beyond she came to me

Bearing gifts that would be placed within my treasury

A box of special things I keep


The first a pencil drawing

Of a butterfly

The next a picture of her,

A Romany

A girl aged 12, a child

A portrait of her wedding day

With flowing dress and large bouquet

The man with whom she stood that day

Was me

I love you John

The signature beneath

And all I’d done was smile

Show kindness to a growing child

Whose dreams of future happiness

Were given wings that day

The day Olinka came my way


Butterfly landed

And then 

As if to emphasise

To underline 


Whilst outside in the glorious sun

A butterfly

With stuttering flight

Chose to alight 

Upon my chest

And rest awhile

For much,, much longer

Than I could hold

My breath

And stare and smile

In awe and wonderment

An honour, a privilege,

A kairos moment


First the girl

Then the creature

Came to me….

I could not fail to see the symmetry












As on a single glorious and unforgettable day

 Olinka and the butterfly came my way


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