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lost and found

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The day we lost our son Ben on a beach in Cornwall was a harrowing experience ..

It helps me to understand something of the Fatherheart of God when He lost His children in Eden to the 'father of lies', and would give anything to get them back .. He did - He gave His only Son Jesus , so we could come HOME

The day had started well enough

On holiday in Cornwall

Car packed up …  Breakfast done

Another great beach day for everyone



Buckets        spades

Towels          trunks

Food &          Drink

Wind break

Rubber        mallet

Deck  chairs

Plastic          cups

Oh yes, and First-aid

Cricket         stuff

French         boules

Volleyball   with net

Surf   boards

Wet   suits

Inflatable   boat

With long    rope

Oh an umbrella in case we get wet


Wooden      bats

Tennis ball on elastic 

Suncream   Sun hats

It’s going to be fantastic

Stunt            kite

Fishing        nets

Crab             line 

Do you reckon that’s that

Oh     sunglasses 

Beach           bags


Roll up          mats

There’s only one thing, let me think

We didn’t pack the kitchen sink!


Happy days, hours of fun

Simple pleasures, lots to be done

Don’t need much to fill the days

Off we go on our holidays




Rounders too

Rock pools 


“ Need the loo”

“well go into the dunes then ! “



Melting ice cream


Living the dream

Dad gets buried in the sand 

Everything going as planned 


Then all of a sudden, someone says 


Has anyone seen Ben ?


Do you mean our 3 year old son , Ben ?

What, is he not here then ?


I thought you had him

No … I thought he was with you

When did we last see him?


When you scored 392 at cricket 

Then went off with the wickets 

And we all followed back to base

We must have left him in our haste

To celebrate your victory


Woops , only 1000+  people on this beach 

An incoming tide within reach

Don’t get frantic 

Lets keep calm 

I’m sure he wont come to any harm


Have you seen a little boy

Three years old 

Blonde hair , blue eyes 

About this size

Wearing  a cap


Sorry mate ,  must be loads like that


That was ok for 15 minutes 

But after that …..we become




Full of fear

Heart thumping

Mind racing

Nerve jangling

Emotionally drained and 

Close to tears


The list of stuff

We brought with us

Is not enough

To deal with this situation

We have to dig much deeper 


After half an hour and our nerves in tatters   

An amazing life-guard walks up

hand-in-hand with all that matters 

Our little lost son is found 

He’s not perturbed 

Had wandered around 


Near the Pavilion

Completely happy

Splendid oblivion 

The little chappie

Oh sweet relief


Father God lost His children in Eden

Which was the reason

Jesus came to find them

And bring us back to Heaven 

For God would   rather

We be back home 

In the arms of our Heavenly  Father 

john nuttall 2018

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