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beautiful polish dancer

I saw a beautiful dancer

Each moment a gift

Each movement a poem

Expression and projection of what lived inside


Reaching outwards stretching upwards

Then drawing back within

Balletic poise and valence

Counterpoise and balance

Enclosed then released

Confined then breaking free

Expressing glorious liberty

Restricted, restrained, held in…. then

Exploding in a flurry of exuberant joy

From rippling stream to mighty torrent

Lightness of being yet

Strength and power in every movement


Twirling , extending, exploring

Painting poemic masterpieces in space

And oh such grace


She touched my heart

Caused an upwelling of tears

She burst upon the scene of my life

A woman of beauty and grace …..


And then: her friends encircled her

With rhythmic claps, and shouts and calls

She lifting up her hands heavenward

Twirled and twirled a hundred times or more

Eyes raised

A heart full of praise

A joyful expression

And oh the grace


And in that moment

And many times beyond

Instead of her

I see my friend Jesus

Leading the dance

With joyful face

Tehilla praise

And I am drawn, invited

Beckoned in

To join the dance

To enter the grace


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