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hide and seek

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Father comes to find me

As a child off I run to find a place 

in the game of hide and seek

I settle down within a space

Hear my thumping heartbeat


Keep very still in anticipation…


Coming ready or not …


Within the isolation

A heightening of self - awareness 

Atuning all my senses

Turn my ear to hear

Expectation and preparedness 

Akin to fear

Distant footsteps coming near


Am I cold or hot ?...


Calm my breathing

Keep very still

Here is the hunter

Ready for the kill

Here is the enemy 

Trying to find me

Hide my body

Hands over my face 

Deciding when to come out of hiding

And run back to base

Now's the moment 

From solitude and stillness

To an explosion, a flurry

I burst from the hiding 

And hurry

Down the stairs across the hall

He’s too late, I’m closing in

And reach the base before him 


OK I’m on … 5   10   15   20   25   30 


Now I’m the hunter on the run

I know just where to find him

My little brother, innocent one


He’s in the place where I just hid 

He simply doesn’t ‘get’ what the game is

So I pretend I don’t know where he hides

And look in different places 


He thinks he will be there all day

And so he makes some noises

You're getting warmer

And thus becomes an easy prey 


It’s almost like 

He cannot stand 

The silence, the suspense,

The hanging around


OR is it simply


He just wants to be found 

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