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Grandma and the boys

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In my Christian walk , my God is a God of honour .. Father honours the Son , Son honours the Father etc.. and in our Christian walk , we have many ways to honour those around us , reflecting God's character..

In these days of criticism and judgmentalism , I wanted to write in honour of my darling wife , and the special lady she is - part of which is being an amazing grandma to our growing clan of grandchildren !

I hope there are people around the world who can recognise those deserving of these words .. including Grandmas themselves !!!

What would you like to do today boys ?

A question often asked 

By grandma in high expectation 

Of vivid imaginations 

And her being put to the task


A pirate with a treasure map

A formula one racing track

A vehicle rescue by T and T motors

A medieval battle between two opposing forces

Or can it be we make a cake 

Or simply have a pyjama day….

A visit to the garden 

With tadpoles, veg and plants

Or draw , or paint 

Stick and glue

Do some arts and crafts 


So grandma being grandma 

Sets about the tasks in hand 

With boxes, paints, material 

Bits of odds and ends 

A rolled up piece of paper 

With a treasure map is made 

And placed into the oven 

To make it look decayed 

The blanket is the sand

The box a hidden treasure 

The palm tree marks the spot

The task goes on forever




Meanwhile grandad sits with eye patch 

And creates a little song 

To fit the theme , create the mood 

As each of us sings along 


         I'm a pirate 

         I sail the seven seas 

         I'm a pirate 

         A pirate’s life for me 

         I’m a pirate 

         Ooh aghr ooh aghr ooh eeh

         Help me find the treasure 

         Or I'll kill thee !! 

         Ah harrgh


‘Hello T and T motors here .. how can we help ?

Right…so… that’s a lambourghini on the M62 ?

Its a flat tyre…. yes.. .ok 

We’ll pop along to see what we can do.......


So a piece of hose , an old shower head 

And a decorated box 

Became a phone , a tyre inflator 

A petrol pump , a drill ,and a car wash 

To serve broken or crashed vehicles in a waiting queue

As T and T Motors came to the rescue

On little cars that hurtled around 

Operating their business from grandma’s lounge


Then change the scene into a racing track

A black and white chequered table cloth

Becomes the race’s starting flag

With a count down from 10 to nought

Then bursting out onto the race course 

While Grandad sings like Elvis :


  You do the racing car shuffle

 Racing car shuffle

 Riding found the track 

 Racing round the track with me


All in all we had lots and lots of creative fun

Making things out of nothing 

And Grandma always called upon

With many happy hours to fill

To show her ingenuity

Resourcefulness and skill

These times will never be forgotten 

As special to our growing days

And grandma can we just say 

' You’ re wonderful, gifted,

Loving, caring, tireless: 

And never cease to amaze '

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