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God looked upon His children

Another attempt at sharing the Gospel in verse 

The Good News from God’s perspective

What He has done … His initiative

How He sees the world 

I pray at this time when many are 'perishing' that they would turn to Jesus, the Giver of life

For God the Father so loved the world 

He sent His only Son, Jesus into the world 

Not to condemn the world 

But to save us from sin and death

That whosoever would believe in Him 

Should not perish 

But have eternal life 


God looked upon his children

And felt their guilt and shame

He saw them lost and hurting

Bring dishonour to his name


He witnessed their imprisonment

As consequence of sin

Felt the sting of separation

The consequence for us and Him


His heart was torn and ripped apart

As they became ensnared

The victims of rebellion

Their nakedness laid bare


He looked upon their orphan-ness

Stolen, kidnapped, trapped, alone

In Satan’s mocking grasp they stood

Their innocence now gone


And in His heart he longed for them

And wept at their demise

Set forth a plan to rescue

The apples of His eye


Thus He would make a way

For us to be redeemed

The ransom He would pay

And we would be washed clean

Yes He would bear the penalty

The judgement on our sin

Take the consequence of our weakness

Close the gap that let Satan in

Restore and put together

The things that were undone

When mankind turned away from Him

And lost their heart as sons

And in the Scripture so concise 

We see what God has done in Christ 

He reconciled the world back to Himself

And dealt with sin and shame

And in that reconciliation

We no longer took the blame

He did 

He did it 

So we could come back home

God looked upon His children *
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