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God is Light

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’Sometimes a light surprises 

the Christian while he sings…’


Amidst the noise and haste

Within the myriad of words and images

A thousand things 

That jostle and surround


There comes a light’ning bolt

That causes us to halt

A word of hope, a  line

A picture or a rhyme

Inviting us to stop awhile

To meditate and ponder

That cuts through atmosphere

Like comet wisping 'cross

The vast dark yonder


One such truth

Hit me between the eyes

Two Christmases ago


“God is light

And in him there is no darkness

At all”


If we have faith

However big or small

We can believe this word

Receive it

Rest  within it

Rejoice and be glad in it 


The word, the vision

Sharp as a two edged knife 

Cutting through my  ‘everyday’ life

With deep incision 

With bold precision


“God is light

And in Him there is no darkness

At all”


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