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Several years ago I was in Prague staying with a friend who lives there.. He invited me for a trip out to a place called Terezin . It is a walled town, and was used for imprisonment in both World Wars .. the Nazis used it in the 2nd War to house Jews, dissidents and Resistance fighters.. Many died of sickness and disease in the terrible and overcrowded situations, many were shot or killed , and thousands took the journey from here to the Extermination sites..

I went to the Museum , a simple place that deeply affected me, with it’s children art  and photograhs and accounts of the horrors that took place here and in other places …  A remarkable matter is that the Jews being held here established their own council to make representations and deal with matters of concern , but also many of the very gifted captives used their talent in artistically creative ways 


O Terezin

You place of sin

Of death and degradation

Holding place

For terror camps

For Jewish execution

“ The Final Solution

Of the Jewish Question”

Young and old

Side by side

Unaware of genocide

Children leapfrog



Into fratricide

O Terezin

Fortress camp

Served as Jewish ghetto



For mass extermination

Demonic torment

Brutal treatment

Dignity repressed

O Terezin

Your famine

Your death

Disease and excrement

The torture

And the nakedness


Screams and cries

Squeezed like cattle

Sent to die

‘Sie wurden in den Transport eingereicht…’

Began the note

To those whose plight

Would be a one-way

Train to Auswitz


O Terezin

You living Hell

Your Machiavellian posturing

The charade the lies

The twisting of the knife

To cover the Evil of your ways



You could not


The spirit of your captives

Who snubbed their noses

At your evil and depravity

And broke out into song and dance..

As their last chance at freedom

And of life ….

With poignant levity

The people made their puppet shows

Their vaudeville

Their operas

Their concerts and their pantomimes

While poets uttered rhymes …

Most touchingly the children drew

Their chilling record

Of your crimes

Their gifted plays

Their satire of your ways


And in the end 

The Final Solution

Had its own


O Terezin 

You could not win              


john nuttall May 2018

 child with bucket

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              Heavenly Father watches

                            out for us 


              I am often on the lookout for special life experiences /  

              stories that speak to me of my Heavenly Father’s love ,

                  as portrayed in earthly fathers , mothers  etc ..

                                      here is one of them 


I watched a little guy today 

Walk back across the sand 

A coloured tub of water

Carried carefully in his hands 


I waited there to watch the scene as it was played…


Every now and then he’d stop

The precious water for the moat

He didn’t want to spill a drop

Meant for the most amazing fortress in the land


The castle near the dunes that he and dad had made ….


Small measured, faltering footsteps 

Walking tightrope painstakingly across the beach

He stepped towards the shore 

A concentrated effort there to reach


It seemed like miles , his jangling nerves were frayed…..


And then he tripped and spilt some of the water 


He picked himself and bucket up

Inspection made, he realised

That more than half had gone 

His bottom lip now quivering 

As tears came in his eyes


It was so hard for me to watch, but at a distance I must stay


For out the corner of my eye

I saw someone coming 

The little boy could see him too

His dad had witnessed everything

And he was running

On reaching him he took his hand, turned back towards the sea

And said ‘come , son, walk with me’


An action, an encounter that couldn’t fail to make my day 


Some people see God as a nasty distant finger pointing judge

Who cannot wait to punish us for what we have or haven’t done

But for me and many of my friends we know Him as a Father

The kind that watches out for us 

And runs to meet us as a child , to treat us as a son or daughter


Two things I saw and maybe more , in this oft played –out scene


The father knows the water will not be

Enough to fill the moat 

As soon as it is poured 

It will sink and be soaked up

But he did not appraise the child

Of this futility

When you are young and very small

You do not know the things that grown-ups see

And life is an adventure 


Jesus said :

Become as a little child and

I have  come to give you life abundantly


And then :


The father let his son set out 

But all the while He watched him

In readiness to run and help 

To place his arms around him

To speak words of comfort and encouragement 

And walk the walk he walked 


Jesus said to His friends “ I will never leave you …. “

“ I will always be with you “


And does that mean it won’t be tough

The seas be calm and never rough 


It means He’s with us in it all 

However big , however small 

john nuttall  May 2018