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behold I stand 

Jesus says " Behold I stand at the door and knock- if anyone will  hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and drink with him and he with me 

revelation 3 verse 20

behold I stand
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Behold  I stand

Before your door and knock

If you will hear my voice

And open up

To welcome me

I will come in

And eat and drink

With you

And you with me


These words of such simplicity

Have always meant the world to me

That God should humbly come

And wait for my response


Not His the role

To barge right in and take control

He waits my hospitality

Then comes to share a glass with me

If I will welcome Him


To sit before a roaring fire

To talk of life and love

To wile away the hours

To rise above


He does not make as if to leave

Is happy in my company

But if I have too much to do

He will not force the issue


How homely is my Father

So humble, so good to be around

So glad to sit with me His child

To eat and drink

To laugh and smile ,

To chat, converse

As if I were the centre of His universe


john nuttall 2020

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