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poems from the heart of a son

Watch out for my new book of poems soon to be published - I also aim to do an audio version in some form - let me know via e-mail if you want to be kept in touch about this 

Discover John Nuttall Christian faith Poetry

About me John

Already a Christian singer - songwriter , speaker , story teller and author .. check out     (or click button across)

Started writing poetry about my Heavenly Father this year 2018 and think this is the best place to share so far ... they are best when spoken out at an event , but since people are asking for them written , this seems right  and freely accessible.

Thought also to do some audio versions 

My calling is to share the Father-heart of God , as displayed by Scripture ( the Word ) , Jesus ( the Word made flesh ) and as revealed by Holy Spirit.


My song-writing is very much from the heart and it is proving the same with the poems ....I feel poetry is quite a powerful medium to quickly reach, touch and open hearts with truth 

God has poured His love into our hearts, but we are transformed by the renewing of our mind.. I believe and am receiving feedback that poetry allows for both 

I also want the poems to be accessible and understandable .. there is a whole mix of styles and themes 

A short welcome Introductory video

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